Got ants in my pants

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Got ants in my pants

I'm seriously itching to get this TTC show on the road. So far, I'm sticking to my guns about waiting until after I've finished my comprehensive exam. I completed the written portion a week or so back and now I'm just waiting to hear that I've passed so I can schedule the oral part. DH also has to take his oral exam, which should be at the end of this month. If all goes to plan (DH passes his, I pass mine), we're looking at TTC next month!! Not my next cycle but the one after that.

If I get PG the first cycle (HAHA!) I'd be expecting an end of July baby. That would work nicely, especially if Next Baby arrives about 2 weeks before my EDD like DD did. Then I'd have about 6 weeks before the start of the fall semester in which I can take 6 weeks paid leave. That would be pretty perfect. Not that its going to happen. It took us like 9 months to get a BFP the first time. The other perfect EDD would be April or May of the following year. Which, is like really really far away. But if it takes us 6-7 months then its a possibility. I'm not going to bank on anything or even remotely try to land a perfect EDD because that caused so much stress last time.

Anyway, I'm rambling. How's everyone else doing in the waiting department?

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Good luck on the exams!! But seems like you have a good plan, and its going to come up very soon- essentially 2 months away!

Waiting- sigh. not well. looked through pictures to use in the photography board and OMG I cant believe my baby is 2, and he has changed so much. Makes me want another sooo bad! experiencing all the 1sts and bonding. But I still feel like try December/January. Which putts EDD around Sept. After DS's Bday and I get 6 months paid off work, so I get all the holidays off and some time to get back into shape before the following summer-aka bathing suit season. silly I know. we got PG on the 2nd cycle we tried. But i know I cannot bank of that happening again. But my cycles are now consistent so can plan around O time better. Ok now I feel like I am rambling. But waiting- I am not a patient person. HA!

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ha, waiting sucks! I hope you get pregnant the first cycle!