Great News :)

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Great News :)

My boss informed me yesterday that I could have my friend come in on an "as needed" basis to help me to detail my cars, I manage a rental car company, my office is so small that I am the only worker! So I do it all....

I'm thinking next summer when I am *hopefully* huge pregnant, the "as needed" basis will be a part time job lol.....not gonna tell my boss that though! Also, he said I could train him in all aspects of my job, so if I ever needed him to, he could even rent out a car for me here and there (hello! Maternity leave!)

This is great news for me Wink

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Awesome! That must be a relief. Smile

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yes it is Smile

also just found out that my dh's work will be keeping him on for some winter work (he is only guaranteed a job for 6 months out of the year) we have been trying to figure out what he would be doing for work for the winter, and the only other options we came up with was for him to work in North Dakota working on the oil rigs (driving trucks) or getting put on orders with the Guard, and he would have to work up in SLC (3 hours North) which really, I am used to him being gone, so I wasn't worried so much about that, but if he was gone during those months that we would be TTC? :lovebed: Sounds like he will be around this winter Yahoo YAY!

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Wow Lesli! Great news all around for your family! Smile Sounds like it's going to be a wonderful winter :lovebed: for you! Wink

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Awesome news!

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That's awesome!! Yay for good news. Smile