Had a baby reading done and now the countdown in on! LOL

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Had a baby reading done and now the countdown in on! LOL

I had a baby reading done yesterday, just for fun and to see what it says... This is what she said!

Your reading reveals that your conception news will come in the month of November 2014 from a cycle that starts in October. The baby shows as a girl and the expected birth date is in the month of July 2015 with attention being paid to the date of the 11th. I am unable to see any further children in your future at this time.

I told DH and he said "well, we better make sure we're ready for September/October time then hadn't we!"... :boogie:

So, the countdown is on! I need to do the following before September now;

  • Lose weight (I'm on this already)
  • Up my fitness regime (I'm on this already)
  • Get my knee fixed (I've torn the cartilage in my knee doing a 100km charity walk and then falling down a rabbit hole!)
  • Finish the renovations to the house (we're adding two extra bedrooms and a laundry/pantry room)
  • Buy a bigger car (we needed this anyway)

So excited! Roll on September!

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I keep hearing about having these readings done, where do you get it done at?

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I used a website called Psychic Baby Readings by Suzy Rayne. I tried to link but it wouldn't let me for some reason?

It's really just a bit of a laugh but I quite liked my reading! Smile

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sounds like a good plan! Wink

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