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Hi ladies...ha! I can't believe there is not only a Trying to Conceive board, but a THINKING of TTC board. Something for everyone Smile Anyway, I have a 2.5 year old and DH and I are planning on starting to TTC in September. We got pregnant on the first try with the first, so hopefully it goes pretty quick this time too. How are all of you feeling about it? I am excited, but also nervous. My first pregnancy wasn't horrible, but I can't say I'm anxious to repeat the first trimester, and I'm just as scared of labor as I was the first time around! But so excited for another baby and for Griffin to have a sibling.

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Yay Maggie! Glad you came over! We got pg our first try with dd too, so I too am hoping the same for this one too! Wish I could start trying in September Sad ah well

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Welcome to TOC! It's a nice place to hang out and chat with ladies in the same boat as you.

The thing about pregnancy is that you just never know how it will go, even if you've already done it. My first pregnancy was pretty miserable... Like daily puking until week twenty when I finally begged my dr. for meds. My second was cake. Some queasiness for the first couple weeks, but fine after that. Even the labor and delivery was easy. That's why I'm here, TOC a third... If my second had been as challenging as my first, I might have felt done!

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Hey there glad to have you on the board!! I'm excited for the pregnancy part. I always loved being pregnant. What I'm not excited about is the newborn phase. I hate the late night feedings! Lol

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I had a fairly non-eventful pregnancy and very easy new-born. So I'm terrified that my next will be completely opposite. I'm also thinking about trying for a VBAC and I often think I must be crazy!
But, yes, VERY excited and hopeful for a sibling for my DD.

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Welcome!! I wish we were trying in September.

I totally look forward to being pregnant again too! It wasnt perfect, but I just loved the feeling of having a growing being inside of me!