Hello! Can i join in?

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Hello! Can i join in?

I'm technically not properly waiting to TTC because DH isn't on board with the plan yet. Smile We already have two gorgeous children aged almost 4 and 2, but i would love to have a third. He said that he would have another one to make me happy, but that he is happy with just two. He doesn't see why we should take the risk of another pregnancy when we have a perfectly healthy boy and girl. I just can't turn off the broody! Some days i want one less than others but most of the time i just don't feel like i'm done yet. I understand his logic - we are older now (i'm 32, he's 36) and i've had c-sections and a couple of losses, BUT... I can't shake the desire to have another baby. I wish i could just switch it off, life would be easier i'm sure!

So anyway, thanks for reading my ramble. Nice to meet you. Smile

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Welcome StormSong! I think you totally qualify to be on this board... after all you are thinking of conceiving Wink

I totally understand your wanting a switch to turn off the desire. I've been that way for the last 5 years but DH wasn't ready. My DH and I don't have any kids yet tho. We're finally nearly there Smile We've got an appt with a High Risk OB in 2 weeks and then hopefully it will be all systems go!

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Welcome! I'm in the same spot sort of - wanting #3 even though I have a boy & girl. Life would be easier if I didn't want another. Anyway, hope to get to know you better in the upcoming months! Smile

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Welcome! I am pretty firmly set on TTC in June/July of 2013. I hope you are able to make a decision. Smile I know it isn't easy.

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Thanks very much for your lovely welcome. Smile

Roxi, Wow! 5 years is a long time to be waiting, but so glad you are almost there! I hope your appointment goes well and you are given the go ahead to TTC.

Mel, good to know there's someone in the same position as me. Smile Our children are alllllllmost the same age too! DD is 4 in January and DS just turned 2 in October.

Jen, oh my goodness, how cute is your DS!!! Loving that bow tie - Dr Who style!! Wink If DH decided to hop on board with my plan i would aim to start trying summer next year too, so we may (hoping!) graduate here together!