Hello and honeymoon pics

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Hello and honeymoon pics

Hey! Sorry I haven't been on. My laptop barely works these days and its not so easy to post with my phone. Anywhoo. I have some exciting news...I think we are TTC? But I know how wishy washy DH can be, so I'm not seriously trying...JLIH. I will probably hang out here until we seriously try. There is kind of a story that goes along with this. But I've got to hit the books and then hit the hay. I will post more soon, but leave you with my Honeymoon pics from Thailand and Cambodia. Hope you are all doing well. There are lots of newbies here I need to chat with. Where is the chat thread?

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Agh...sorry for the big photos. I swear I resized them in photobucket.

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They are perfect sized photos - big enough to see what's going on! Smile

What a great honeymoon! TFS the pics!

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That looks like you had a great time! the water looks so inviting !TFS!

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Wow!! Looks like you guys had an amazing time!! And congrats on JLIH Smile My DH was a little unsure when we started ttc too and he says all the time how glad he is that I pushes him into it bc it's the best thing we've ever done. Nobody is ever ready, kwim? I bet everything will turn out great!! Smile

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YAY for JLIH! I love the honeymoon pics

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Amazing! Looks like you guys took in some beautiful sights!

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Hi Elizabeth,
Your honeymoon looks like a wonderful trip! Glad to hear you had a good time. And yay for JLIH! Our first two were totally planned and they took 9 and 5 months. This one was JLIH and it took 2. I guess you just never know!