Hello! TOC 2016

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Hello! TOC 2016

Hi all,

I figured I'd join in here. I normally hang around on the large families board but it can be a bit slow and I figured since I am THINKING about having another one, I'd join here too. I've been here several times before and then moved on but that was quiet awhile ago so I'm doubting anyone will recognise me! Biggrin

Anyway, I had a mirena fitted earlier this month to stop temptation getting to me. I really need to wait if I'm going to have any more. I had 7 babies in 8 years and 9 months and my body really struggled, so firstly I need to get my health and shape back up to scratch. I also just started a new business, which I have expanded very quickly to a second location and am now on the verge of opening another new business. So not only am I incredibly busy, but I'm also really stretched financially at the moment... I just don't think I'd have time to be pregnant at the moment (especially as I get so ill with it!).

Plus my house is a state and I'd really like to move to a bigger place before having any more. And I'd also like all my kids to be in school full time partially so if I do get sick next time I can just lie around on the sofa all day if I need too, but also because I'd really like to have that "one baby" experience again that I haven't had since DS1 was born and even then I only got to experience it for a few months before DS2 came along 11 months after DS1! It'd be lovely to just have quiet time with a tiny baby during the day - I've never really had that before! LOL

Anyway, this is turning into a novel! So I'll sign off here and go have a mooch around and post! Smile

Looking forward to sharing the journey with you all, watching you all graduate and struggling with broodiness with you all! LOL



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Sarah-Jean, Glad to have you here!! :wavehello: I actually know you because I lurk on the Large Family board all the time! Lol I'd love to have a largish family one day. I thnk that will be nice for you to be able to have the one baby experience again. That's what will probably happen with my third. I dont' think we'd be able to have a third for a year yet and by then my oldest will be in kindergarten and my youngest in preschool part time.
Congrats on expanding your business. That's GREAT!

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Welcome aboard!

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Hi and welcome over here :wavehello:

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Hi Sarah-Jean! Glad you decided to join us.

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Hi and welcome back.

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Hello! I lurk just about EVERYWHERE on pg.org, so I've seen you around also Smile glad to have you here and hope we can chat Biggrin