Hi Ladies-

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Hi Ladies-

Hi there- Just an intro- My name is Meg and married to DH for 5 years. We have two DD (3.5 and almost 1 year). DH wants to try for #3 this summer. I **think** I am in board, depending on the day. We both work full time and it killed me putting DD #2 in daycare so young (12 weeks). Plus, nights that she is up a lot, I question if I want to do it all over again. 3 is a major change. They out number you! I am sure it will happen, just when.....

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Hi Meg!

My DH and I are also TOC #3. I think #3 will be a major change for us, but mostly because I'd become a SAHM because daycare is way too expensive for 3 kids! Would you still work? We are considering TTC in October.

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Welcome! I definitely understand it "depending on the day". I'm the same way.

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welcome! Yeah, 3 is quite a change. I definitely know what you mean about depending on the day! DH and I are both going back and forth like that about TTC #4 this summer. If we're ever on the same page on the same day I figure it'll happen.