Hiya... new to this board

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Hiya... new to this board

Just wanted to pop in and say hello -give a little intro. I am not sure where in the TTC process I am, except its starting to take over my brain.
DH and I have been married 5.5 years, together almost 10. DH is active military and i work full time as well. The love of our lives is tommy, 19 months. When I was pg with him I was not "in love" with being preggo and kinda felt depressed for not loving it- as well as other things. At the time, I said this would be it, one kid. Even though I always said 2 or 4. DH was never on board for more than 2 but always said 2. Now, he is completely avoiding the possibility of 2. I try not to bring it up, but I dont want to go much more than end of this year before TTC actively. I am trying to take the non pushy way with DH, but deep down I really cant imagine having DS be an only child and I cant imagine not doing this again and having all the firsts again. So... while we arent TTC its something I think about several times a day and hope I can get him back on board to #2.

So Hi!

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Welcome to the board!! Sorry about DH not being on board yet. Hopefully he will step into line before too long.

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Hi Sara,

Welcome! I hope you can convince DH to have #2. What are his reasons for not wanting another? Or does he just not want one now?

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Thanks ladies. I really think he doesnt know how to deal with me being preggo. I was exhausted until about 16 weeks last time, instead of my normal bubbly self. After we found out last time we were expecting, DHs deployment was moved up 4 months, so he left when I was 6 months and he came home when DS was 4 months. It was a rough adjustment but the older Tommy gets the more excited DH is. So i think its the pregnancy and newborn stage he doesnt know how to deal with. I hope he will get on board. i am sure he will but just like when we were TOC last time, it took a good two years of planning before I got off BC. So I kinda expect it to be a process.

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Welcome! We don't have children yet...but my DH has told me from day 1 that he only wants one child. Boo. I want 2! I hope your DH changes his mind. Maybe when your son gets a bit older he will.

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Hi and welcome Sara! It's so frustrating when DH is back and forth. Your DH reminds me of my own. He wants multiple kids but can be really back and forth sometimes. When we most recently talked about TTCing he surprised me and was all about trying asap. I hope your DH is the same way. Maybe get your LO around other kids with DH around so he can see how much fun they have together? We were just at a family function where DD had a ball with her older cousins. I think that really got DH into baby fever again. GL and keep us posted!

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Good luck. I hope he comes around soon.