How many?

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How many?

How many kids would you like to have? Would that number change if money were not a factor, and how many would you have then?

I really want 4 children. I know we can afford 3, and am hoping we can afford the 4th without being too strapped, we will have to figure that out down the road!

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Just 2 here I think. Money isn't really the reason, but age is. I'm 33 and DH is 35, so I don't think we'll try for a third. Definitely no more than 3. We aren't taking any drastic steps to prevent a third, but if we have a third due to an "oops," DH will get a vasectomy. I know plenty of women have babies after 35, but both DH and I feel like we still want to be young while we have little kids. Honestly, I don't feel like I have enough energy for more than 2! I feel like after this next baby I will be totally worn out!

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Right now, we're aiming for 2. I have always wanted 4 but I doubt that will happen.

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Probably just 1 more, so 3 total. I've always said I wanted an even number of kids too, but that all changed once I started having them Lol

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Realistically, I'd like to have 3, but if money were no object, I'd have 6. I love big families.

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2 is good for me.

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We'll stop at three. I don't think I'd have the energy for any more than that!

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we'd like 3. But if money weren't an issue, we'd have 4 or 5...

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I always thought 3 was a good number when I was younger. But now, I'm pretty sure that I only want 2. Part of it is financial and part of it is just that I'm not sure I could handle more than that. Maybe if I could stay home, but unless I win the lottery, that's not an option.

DF only wanted 1 child. But I made him agree to 2.

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WE want 4, but finances may not even allow that, we will see once hubby finishes his apprenticeship. Really if we didn't need daycare we would be better off finacially.
If money was no issue I think we would just keep having kids until we decided no more.

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"acandjh" wrote:

We'll stop at three. I don't think I'd have the energy for any more than that!


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we have decided on 3, I would really like to have more, maybe 5 or 6, but dh is happy with 1 no way could I get him to agree on more than 3! I come from a family of 6 kids, my mom had 8 siblings and my dad had 5 siblings.....we are used to big families! and my sisters and 2 of my sisters-in-laws are my best friends, and I am pretty close to 2 of my brothers....I want that for my kids! My sister has 5, 1 brother has 4, 1 brother has 3, 1 brother has 2 (but will have 2 more) and my little sister has one on the way, I think they are going to have at least 4 too.