Hubby and I have set a month!!!!

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Hubby and I have set a month!!!!

DH and I have officially set a month of when we will have my IUD removed. Smile Next August (2014) We will remove the IUD. We aren't sure if that is when we will start trying or if we will wait a few more months but We have that date set. Smile Which makes me super happy. I keep flip flopping back and forth between being baby hungry and not ready. As of the past couple weeks I finally feel comfortable with the 3 that I have. My oldest just started school so I only have 2 at home for a good part of the day and #3 is at the age where he is starting to get very independent though going into the terrible 2's. Until a couple weeks ago I feel totally out of control of my kids and much like a chicken with it's head cut off. Anyway, sorry for the ramble. Smile

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I flipped flopped a bit on whether or not I was ready. It wasn't until the tubal ligation reversal surgery was set that it got real for me and certainty set in.