I guess I'm here!

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I guess I'm here!

This was the first board I ever posted on back in 2007! Now, 2 kids later, I'm back! Smile

We're planning on TTC starting in June 2013. I'm in a wedding the end of May and it's by BFF, so I'd rather not be pregnant for it. I already have my dress and it's not forgiving at all, so a belly wouldn't work Smile I'm going a little crazy with the wait though!

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Hi There Smile I'm sure the waiting must be horrible now that it's only a few months away. I've been waiting for 6 years and our time has finally come Yahoo

Enjoy the wedding! And good luck in June.

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Hi and Welcome! We are thinking July TTC. the pic of your boys is wonderful!

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Hey Stranger!!! I am temp hanging out here...hehe

Yay for Sully and Ryken to get another sibling!!! Sure to be another cutie!!!

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Welcome! There are a few of us waiting to TTC until this summer.

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Congrats! We're still deciding on the when, but we're totally committed to having another baby. I'm hoping for a girl this time!

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Well hello there :wavehello: Katie Smile

I was just looking for a board to belong to and found myself here too

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Ha. I am just coming back to this site too! I was here in 2010! We are shooting for August/September to TTC! So we can wait together