I think this is where I need to be?

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I think this is where I need to be?

I am returning to pregnancy.org, after I was on in 2008/2009. I love my son to death, and we are positive we want a larger family. We had hoped to have another one in 2013, around May possibly beginning of June (due to teaching). My math has always been horrible and I started looking at the ovulation charts the other night. That means if we want a late Apr, early May baby I'd have to get preg next week.....:eek: In order to have an end of May baby I'd have to get prg at the end of Aug or beginning of Sept. the thought excites and scares me all at the same time. We know we are ready for our son to have a sibling.. but I had a really hard time after his birth with severe ppd and I think that is what scares me the most. SO for right now I guess the thinking of board is where I need to be...though I am sure we will start trying soon...

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Welcome! We are looking at a spring baby for 2014. You said you teach, what grade? I'm also a teacher and teach 1st grade, hence the spring baby. Smile As for your concern of PPD, I think the biggest part is knowing what the symptoms are (or the ones you had before) and setting up your support systems (family, friends, therapy) before hand. I think the anticipation of something can sometimes be harder than what it is you are anticipating. :goodluck: with catching that egg soon!

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I am first grade as well! this will be my 3rd year....and 3rd year of new curriculum...another worrying factor!

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Welcome! Hang out here as long as you like. We have had some mommies TTC that stayed here until their BFP.

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Welcome! I'm also a teacher and would love a spring baby. I hope that your journey is seamless. Smile

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Welcome! Now that you know what PPD feels like, you'll be able to recognize it and seek help more quickly if it happens again.