If you could pick the exact month to have a baby...

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If you could pick the exact month to have a baby...

What month would it be and why?

Let's get this board a little more active!! Smile

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I've always wanted an October baby. Not really sure why. I like the idea of having the newborn stages in winter, so when summer rolls around we can do more. If we get pregnant in June (our plan), we'll have a February baby.

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With the first, I didn't have any preference. We ended up with an October baby. Maternity leave/first 3 months was brutal. Stuck in the house (Minnesota) for most of the time. Germy season shortly thereafter.

For the next two, I planned Spring/Summer and ended up with a May and June. The newborn months were great, outside, parks with the older kids. Nice and warm, fun summer.

BUT, then DS1 went to school (Kindergarten). I am SO glad he's one of the older kids for his grade. He was so much more ready for school than a lot of his peers. So much so that I consider holding back my May baby this fall and starting Kindergarten late.

If I could do it again, from this stage at my kid's lives, I'd choose September and October, no question. (Maybe even November Lol

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I haven't really thought about it. I"m not sure what ages kids start school here in the US but if we were back home in SA I would prefer a baby after July that way he/she'd be in the older group of the class.

If things work out swiftly for us then we're looking at a Nov/Dec/Jan baby.

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I want Sept-Dec only for the purposes of being off 6 months work over all the major holidays and for giving me enough time to hopefully get into a bathing suit by summer. Neither is really a great reason for those months but it works. I would be fine however anywhich way.

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My husband and I are a week apart in January and my girls are a week apart July/August so I wouldn't want those months.

The cut off for school here is Sept 1 so I would rather have a child February-June. Other places have been Dec 31 and Feb 28 so Feb-June would keep them in line age wise if we moved.

On the other hand, if my third is a girl, July/August would be great because then all the clothes andHalloween costumes are the right size Smile

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April! I would love to have a baby in the spring (plus I was born in April, too!). Having a fall/winter baby was no fun for me because I felt stuck in the house.

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