Im back m/c ment, long

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Im back m/c ment, long

Hello ladies, to the ones who remember me. I was around this board for a short while around early summer when I went on to TTC in Aug. Well we achieved that the first cycle trying in aug and unhappily that babe didnt make it. We found out on 9/23 at the first u/s that there was no hb and it was measuring about 2 wks behind. Went back on 10/3 and still no hb and couldnt locate it or find any growth. My HCG levels were great-at over 161000 at that point so no indication of that, no cramping, no bleeding etc. My body wasnt recongizing that because the placenta was still growing. So I had a D&C on 10/4. Bled heavily for the whole month of oct, passed several huge yucky clots, sorry if TMI, and actually stopped for the first time last sunday. Im hoping now that we can get back to normal.
I had my followup today and my hcg levels are still not at 0, they are dropping still, but slowly. they are at 100 something right now. last week they were at 460, the week before 1543. So Im hoping that they get down fast, and that I get my AF and dont bleed before that.
My dr told me today that she'd like to see 3 negative pregnancy tests before we TTC. I told her Id like to try in Jan, 3 mos after the surgery, and she said that that would be ok by her, as she doesnt think that theres any missed tissue/placenta. But not before then. So heres hoping that my cycles return to normal, that we are able to conceive quickly again and that it takes. She said that normally after a d/c that people cycles return to what they were I hope shes right, im scared I will change and not be able to track it as well or feel when I O, etc .
Thanks for reading this far, and see you around here again.

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Im sorry about your lost. Hope your body recovers soon. HUGS

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i'm sorry about your lost.

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so sorry about your loss! Sad we will be TTC in January as well, maybe we will share a BB Smile KUP on everything, when AF shows

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I'm so sorry.

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So sorry for your loss.

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Sorry about your loss.

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Sorry for your loss.

(m/c ment)
When I had my m/c, I had 2 d&c's. My cycle returned to normal by the second month.

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I'm so sorry for your loss.