I'm here but I'm not lol :)

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I'm here but I'm not lol :)

Hi Ladies,
I am going to do some stalking over here Smile I just had a baby a month ago but would love to add another one to our life even though we said we were done were not!! Smile My name is Ashly and hope to see some other ladies around!!!

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Welcome, person I do not see who is done having babies. Wink Heh...

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Hey Ashly...I stalk you sometimes...lol We were on the same birth board for one of our kids. I think it was jan 08 or feb 08. I bounced back and fourth. I think you are awesome...lol I just joined the large family board too. I dont think i will ever really be done having babies. My DH is just as crazy as i am so we could end up with 10 or so..lol We are going to start trying for #4 this summer. I just weaned my 22 month old so i am ready to do it all over again.

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Welcome! I'd like a larger family - probably 4 kids so I lurk on the Large Families board too! Smile

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I'm fascinated by large families. However, having had 2 c-sections, I'm limiting myself to 3. When do you want to TTC again?

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We are thinking about ttc after my daughters first birthday. We first thought about 3-5 years but I like them closer in age and by than we might not want anymore and I feel there is one more in our family. My husband always wanted 6 but we felt we were done after this last pregnancy. But after having our newest little girl here and doing things as a family I just feel there is something missing. My husband and I both agree 6 is all. So we will see! It would be interesting to have another little boy and make it 3 and 3 like the brady bunch!

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I like TTC around the first birthday! my #2 was conceive when #1 was 11.5 months and #3 was conceived on #2's 1st birthday. Lol It's good spacing. I'm 2nd of 4 and there was a large (6+ year) gap between #3 and #4 and it's weird. He's like an only child. I think closer is better. I wouldn't do longer spacing unless we were pretty set on 2 more close together after the gap.

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Hi and welcome!!! Congrats on your newest addition!!