Implantation bleeding? or early AF? (TMI)

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Implantation bleeding? or early AF? (TMI)

UPDATE: 10 min after posting this AF showed up for real Sad and this is already a painful one and it's only day 1 ...

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Ok, so this is going to be a long one because I need to give some backstory...

1. I haven't been on BCP's for over 2 years
2. We're not TTCing yet (or JLIH or NTNP) but DH has been less strict about using a condom. He's been withdrawing more and more lately.

So the story:
Today I noticed that I was spotting even though I'm 5 days early. My cycle has been fairly predictable for ages. It's usually 30-33 days long. I can't remember every being off by 5 days. 3 days max maybe, not 5. Unfortunately when I sent my phone in for repairs I lost (read: deleted) the 18 months (or more) of cycle data that I'd been keeping Cray 2 So I'm not sure if I have the current data in my tracking app wrong and so I'm actually due in 2 or 3 days, or if this is really out of whack.

Normally I wouldn't give it a second thought and just accept that my data is wrong, but as I mentioned we haven't exactly been careful lately and my body has been really weird this month. :dontknow: The day AF left we didn't use any protection as all (not even withdrawl). I had some spotting after that (which is normal for me) but then I continued to spot for the next couple days. The next 2 times we BD'd I started spotting again, but only for a day or so. The next 2 times we BD'd I didn't realise it was in my fertile week (and once on my calculated O date 9/16 Fool ) otherwise I wouldn've been more careful. No spotting after these BDs. We BD'd again on Friday 9/21 but this time I had major pain over my right ovary. (I had endometriosis in 2007 and this felt alot like that)

I don't know if I should POAS... by my calculations I will only be 9dpo so I won't trust the results if it's a BFN anyway. I have an appt with an OB/GYN in 2 weeks time because we're preparing to TTC in January so I will definately discuss all this with her but that's a loooooog way away.

So as you can see I'm very very confused. Can this be implantation bleeding? :question: Or is it most likely AF?