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I accepted my current job as a contract to hire position, they said they anticipate me bringing me on as salary with full benefits in 3 months. I was excited, until my friend/co-worker, who is pregnant, told me they don't have maternity coverage, nor do they get paid overtime.

On my first Saturday there, I had to work 8 hours with no lunch, but at least I got paid for every hour I was there, since I'm contract and get paid by the hour. I am grateful for a job, but I really don't wish to be salaried there now, because if I keep working weekends, I won't get paid. And it sounds like their insurance is crappy anyway.

Anywho...I am just bummed about the lack of maternity coverage mainly. I am wondering if I can ask to remain contract without offending them. I'd rather get the cash in my hand so I can save for a baby, than them waste that money on insurance that I don't need. I already have individual insurance, its crappy, but I'm sure their insurance is not a lot better than what I have.

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You should ask to take a look at their benefits package. Additionally, I wouldn't get my hopes up about them wanting to keep you on as a contract employee- they typically pay much higher salaries that way, and many times don't get the same tax benefits, either. But, again, compare their plan with the one you have now and see!

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Being salary definitely has its pros and cons. It's really nice to be able to count on a certain amount each month, but if you have to work extra hours there's usually not much compensation. Last week I stayed late every day, went in for about three hours on Saturday, and I'll probably be staying late every day this week. Stuff has to get done though...

Sorry about the sucky insurance coverage. I hate insurance. It seems like such a scam.

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I understand the pros and cons of both. SO is salary and I'm 'hourly wage' (permanent employee but no benefits in my job as it privately funded). Does your FI have a nice benefits package? Can you opt out of yours if you become salary and go with just his? Not really sure how it works in the US. Could you get individual insurance outside the company for a small amount each month?