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I was in the 2 maybe 3 boat for a while there. My DH only wanted 2 and I wasn't sure until my youngest was a little over 2. I went to a baby shower on a day we had a date night scheduled and I was ovulating. I came home and asked my DH if we could try just this one month and POOF! Guess which one of us was more excited with the positive test? He was! We're both thrilled though. Good luck to you!
Great story...love this!

I'm actually thinking I won't be totally ecstatic when/if I get a BFP because I do not look forward to pregnancy. It's a relatively short period of time in the big picture but I hate to think of what it will be like for my 2 kiddos. I know I'm not the mom I should be during pregnancy. But in the long run I know I'll be happy to add one more kidlet to our family.

I just started a new cycle and asked DH about JLIH starting now. I didn't get much response...just said he's not convinced about having another. Boo!