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Job news (OT)

So DH had his interview on Monday. It went REALLY well. But in a different way. He may or may not be getting the administrative position we'll find out in a few days. However they want him to be a part of a specialized 2 1/2 year training program at the completion of which he would hold the title of Assistant Project Manager. That's pretty high up on the totem pole. He wouldn't be starting the training program until spring but it just sounds so wonderful. He would be making more than DOUBLE what he is now just in the training program and the only thing that they seem to consider a down side to the program is that you have to move a lot (like every 9-12 months) to different states (Minnesota, Massachusetts, Tennessee ect.) but they pay for your moving costs and your phone and car! Anyway we don't consider that a down side at all, we think it sounds exciting!! So we are playing the waiting game for another 6-8 months until enrollment in the program starts up and then DH will be going all the way to Minnesota to interview! :eek:

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Wow! Sounds like a great opportunity Ash! I'll keep my fingers crossed that it works out! I think it would be awesome to move around and check out the different states, and it's even better if his company will pay for it Smile Hope it all works out!

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WOW that sounds amazing! KUP!

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That's awesome, Ash! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that DH is successful! KUP

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That is really exciting! What an amazing opportunity for your DH! After he finishes the program would you you be able to settle in one place?

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We'd still have to move with the projects but not as frequently more like every 2-5 years. But they did say the longer you're witht he company the more you'd be able to put down roots.

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Oh wow! That sounds like a fantastic opportunity for you all!

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Sounds like an great opportunity. It would be fun to be able to live in different parts of the US and have someone pay for your moving costs! And doubling your income is always awesome!!