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Thread: Little Family Support?

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    Default Little Family Support?

    SO and I were talking the other night and he voiced a concern about not having any family close distance wise for support in raising children. For those that are in a similar boat as us, how do you cope? Do you wish family was closer? Was this a concern for you when TOC?
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    We moved to OK from MN about 6 months ago for DH's job. We knew nobody here. We still don't have a ton of people we know, but it's getting better. Anyway, all our family is in MN/WI. We always lived 4 hours away, so it hasn't been too bad. Although, I hear about people living close to family and getting help all the time and I am really jealous. It would be nice to have a date night every week and just have the company of them. So yes we wish family was closer, but it just isn't an option for us to move closer right now.
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    I'm so lucky my parents are like 10 minutes from here and my inlaws are 2 minutes away.
    Plus I have 2 SIL and nieces...
    So we have a lot of help if we need it which was nice since DH was gone for the last 2 years at college (6hours from home)!!!
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    This was another big reason for us moving from Chicago to Dallas. We just knew it would be difficult without any friends/family. Plus we could not afford a house in the Chicagoland area and child care is so expensive there. Also we would spend all of our time/money travelling to see our families during holidays.

    People do can be done. If you have close friends near you, then I think its definitely easier.
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    My Ils live right next door and my parents live just down the road. I couldn't imagine not having their help, especially with DH and I both working shift work! I consider us very lucky!!
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    We don't have any family near by... our closest family member is my MIL and she lives 3 hours away. It definitely makes somethings harder. Like Katie, I'd love to be able to have a date night every so often, but we make do. I have a good friend who has offered to take the girls, but she doesn't have kids (and doesn't plan to) which makes me feel like it would be a big imposition to her, so I only ask if it is an emergency.

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