a little update on me

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a little update on me

so i went to the doctors for a check-up and i told him if he could give me something to start af. i dont know why im so Smile for af to show maybe because i haven't had 1 since aug 25th now i could start charting soon and i hope i start soon because my anniversery is the 23rd of december and i do not want to be on my period that week but i just drank a pill today so the dr said that i should get my af before 10 days. so i hope so. so were hoping next month i get pregnant so tomarrow im going to get a mri to see if my brain tumor shrunk. so im happy with everything i just have to lower my blood sugar also so thats whats up with me.

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Hope AF shows up soon so you can start planning that baby. Wishing you good luck for your scan.