Looking for some fun this summer onsite? Check these out!

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Looking for some fun this summer onsite? Check these out!

Have you checked out these boards available on Pregnancy.org? We have revamped and renamed some of our favorites to help you pass the time this summer!!

Visit Our New "Catch-all Corner"!!

In this category, we have tossed together a little something for everyone! We have a great mix of boards that are fun and, at times, quirky; some that are useful and support laden; and those that challenge and are thought-provoking! Browse through the forum options below and join in the conversations today!

Bookworms Unite!
Have you just read a rockin' bestseller that you can't wait to recommend? Simply looking for suggestions for a good suspense, action, romance, or tearjerker to add to your reading list? Drop in and share your personal favorites, join in our challenges, and enjoy much more today!

Coupons, Budgets, & More!

Are you an avid coupon clipper or looking for help to get started on maximizing your savings? Struggling with debt or just wanting to take better control of your family finances? Are you ready to learn ways to live better for less or willing to share what worked for you? Join in the discussions today!

Face-Off!! (Debate Arena)
Do you enjoy practicing the art of persuasion? Are you up to being challenged on your opinions and open to allowing others to share their points of view? We welcome respectful discourse on a wide variety of topics including "news of the day" items, "just for fun" type, and everything in-between! Please make sure to read our Debate board tips and guidelines thread prior to posting.

Game On!!

This forum is just plain fun (and sometimes addictive!) It's a great way to keep that stretch that thinking cap and keep those "preggo" or "mommy" brain syndromes in check! SecretIt is also an excellent and quick means to boost your post count! Join in on any of our current or ongoing games -- or start your own! (Don't forget to share the rules to allow others to participate!)

Garden Guild

Do you find getting "down and dirty" in the garden something you enjoy? Whether you passion is flowers, veggies, or a combination -- this is the group for you! Seek advice, share pics of your efforts, and exchange tips. Let your "harvest" this season include a host of new friends as well!


Are you a shutterbug? You could be the next Ansel Adams. Talk about your technique! Do you like black and white over color? What's your favorite subject to photograph? How did you get started? Post here.

Pregnancy.org Cookbook!

This is our main board for collecting all of our community recipes! :hungry: Whether you are looking for meal inspiration or have a delicious dessert you'd like to share... this is the place! Be on the lookout for some of our own additions as well!


Pulling together those favorite pics into treasured pages to be enjoyed for generations takes a creative eye and talent! Perhaps you are just getting started or trying to design a special gift. Whether you are new to scrapbooking or a "pro", drop in and share today!

Threads & Yarns!

Whether you are wielding material and stitching or taming a pile of yarn into a special creation, it is truly a unique art form! Meet up here to discuss designs, projects, or advice. This is a place for novices and experts to join forces and share your passion! Don't forget to show off your accomplishments!