Morning Sickness - Curiosity

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Morning Sickness - Curiosity

Hey ladies,

For those of you who have been pregnant, I have a question about morning sickness. If you experienced morning sickness, would you say that you're more prone to vomiting generally while not pregnant? If you didn't experience it, would you say that you vomit less? I know it's a weird question, but here's my reasoning:

I am not a puker, at all. The last time I did, it was alcohol-induced. The last time I did because of sickness, I had a stomach flu back in 2006.. I get sick just like everyone else, but I just don't puke! I'm curious whether I'll be affected by morning sickness when I get pregnant.

So.. if you think that your non-pregnant self sounds a little like me, how were you affected by pregnancy?

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Well I hate to be the stick in the mud to disprove your hypothesis but I'm not a puker and I didn't just have extreme nausea while pregnant, I puked at least once a day for the first 18 weeks. The majority of days were multi-puke days.

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I am a non puker. I was naseous while preggo, but I only puked twice and that was while pregnant with my daughter.

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Haha, awesome! I was so curious, I've just never asked before!! It's good to know though, just happened to cross my mind this afternoon. I was crossing my fingers that some of you would say that you're not pukers, and didn't get morning sickness, but it seems like a mixed bag so far! Anyone else care to chime in? Smile

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I am a non puker. I actually caught a stomach bug in May where I had to puke- but I forced myself to so I would feel better. Before that I dont recall the last time I was pukey sick- and not from alcohol. I puked 3 times total while PG. I had a bad gag reflex and brushing my teeth made me dry heeve. So I puked twice from that, and one random OMG I have to run to the bathroom now kinda of situation. I hope next PG I am on the non puking side as well

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I am a non-puker and never got sick with either of my pregnancies. I did get sick while pregnant with Hannah (twice), but both times were gastro illnesses I caught from DD1. Let me tell you it is not fun to be 30-something weeks pregnant, barf your brains out all night and take care of a 15 month old the next day.

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I'm a non-puker but had horrible m/s for over 20 weeks with both kids. I did manage to only puke half a dozen times each pregnancy though. UGH, I don't even want to think about m/s!

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I'm not a big puker, but got nauseous and the dry heaves when pregnant, and often would force myself to puie because i felt better instantly after that. That was the majority of my puking, making myself do it

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Horrible morning sickness all 3 pregnancies. Not too much puking but crippling nausea and violent dry heaving. I had a stomach surgery a few years earlier which makes puking hard for me.

Before the surgery I did tend to puke when I was sick. I think my main problem is hormones. Whenever I'd be more than 2 hours late with my Pill I'd also be sick.

I start being sick the day before I get a BFP.

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Saw this thread and had to weigh in!
I'm not a puker either but I had such extreme nausea and vomiting with my 1st that I lost 20lb during my pregnancy instead of gaining. This time around doesn't seem as bad yet, off and on mostly. I have however had severe acid reflux right from the get go (as in before my BFP) which also makes me vomit...

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Thanks for all of the input! It basically seems like you never know what you're going to get (hooray!). I was really hoping that my natural inability to puke would save me from potential m/s, so I guess I'll just have to wait and see!

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I do think it helps to never get too hungry. Those were the only times that I felt unwell.

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I tend to get nauseous easily while not pregnant. Not from the normal things, motion has never bothered me, but from being hungry, tired, stressed, etc. I'd say I end up vomiting every 6 months or so, sometimes more often.
I get terrible m/s during my pregnancies and without medication vomit around 3 times a day. With mild medication I stopped vomiting but was constantly nauseous. With my third I was finally offered zofran and it was amazing. Wink