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moving on

Hi girls,
So I am moving on to the TTC board!!! DH is ready and I am SO ready! It's earlier than expected but since my cycles are all screwed up (CD60) now, we decided to not use protection no more since it took us 11 cycles to get pregnant with DS1.
I would really like to have a BFP by New Year's so wish us luck. I will still lurk here of course and post from time to time if you girls don't mind.
I will have to change my ticker soon.... Wink

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Good luck TTC!! I hope you're stay there is short and sweet! Hang out here anytime! We definitely need all the posters we can get! Smile

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Good Luck TTC! I hope it's much shorter than with DS1!!

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AF is finally here after 61days! hope my cycles will regulate now

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So glad AF arrived so you can move on! Hope you get that BFP soon!

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Awesome!! Good luck and I hope you get your BFP soon!!

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:woohoo: Best of luck to you! Please let us know when you get your BFP!

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Good luck! I hope you journey TTC #2 is short! Wishing you the best.

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"VixB" wrote:

AF is finally here after 61days! hope my cycles will regulate now

oh YAY glad she finally showed! and congrats on moving on! Yahoo

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Congrats on moving on. I think I am stuck here for awhile. I want an early in the year baby this time to save on a year of daycare.

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Yay! Congrats! Keep us posted on any BFP news!