Moving on...

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Moving on...

Well ladies, it looks like I might be moving on. We have been talking about ttc for a while and we recently decided to JLIH. Then a few days ago we decided to just jump in and go for it. It took us 27 cycles to get our DS so we decided we should probably go ahead and start ttc in case it takes forever again. I'll definitely be lurking over here though bc this is where I have always felt most at home. Ready or not we are moving forward. I'm scared to death but am confident we can handle whatever comes our way. I could definitely use any prayers, positive thoughts and sticky dust that you gals can muster Smile

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Way to go on making a decision. Good luck!

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Good luck and tons of baby dust & sticky dust!! Smile

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Thanks so much ladies!! I really appreciate all of your support! I'm so excited to get started!

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Good luck!

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Congrats on making the leap and good luck!! Don't be floored if it happens right out the gates. Two ladies on my Oct '10 board who tried for several years for their first were pregnant within a few cycles with their second!

Come back and show us your BFP!

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Good luck on your journey!

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Yay! I hope your journey is much shorter this time!