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Hey ladies

I think I may have convinced DH to NTNP! I still wanted to wait a bit longer because I want to lose weight, but we had been in a funk (not dtd and just grumpy) but that funk is over, and ever since, we've been dtd without protection!!!

I'm still breastfeeding and STILL havent gotten af yet, so I dont know the chances. But....YAY!!!!! I have no clue when to poas though!!! I guess I'll just look out for symptoms?!?!

On a side note, I'm back to work tomorrow. BOOO!!!!

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:woohoo: That's exciting! Best of luck Smile

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Very exciting!! I'm totally jealous that AF hasn't shown for you!! I didn't even get 4 months and I'm exclusively breastfeeding... But hooray for NTNP! Smile