Oct. 25

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Oct. 25

.............is when I'll say BYE BYE to my Mirena and HELLO to TTC! OMG! DH and I have been talking lately about timing and originally were thinking of a spring '14 baby but after looking at our finances and other issues, we're looking at shooting for a fall '13 baby! Yahoo I'm both super excited and super nervous! It's so weird to have both emotions at the same time. I can't wait to get preggo again and have another baby but at times I worry about how my DD will take it and how I will manage with 2! But everyone I've talked to (including you lovely ladies) has assured me that this is normal, and deep down inside I know it is. So I guess......away we go! Smile

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How exciting!!!! YAY for TTC!

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Good luck, Carolyn! My DS birthday is Oct 25 so that is a lucky day!