Officially TTC!

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Officially TTC!

You may or may not remember I posted a few weeks back about whether or not to wait to TTC because of a job I was maybe starting. Well, it got down to me and one other person, and they went with the other person, but offered me some consulting work. I am also working on a part time contract with another organization and DH works full time, so with the two contract jobs, we are fine financially. And the bonus is, I can work on both at home and in whatever time I have around the edges of my life. DS starts preschool 2 days a week next week, so that should be plenty of time. SO....we are definitely TTC next month! Yay! I am so excited now that there is no reason not to, I was so worried about having to explain being pregnant to a new boss, and about having morning sickness and pregnancy brain while still in the learning curve of a new job. The TTC boards are not so active, so I'll probably still hang around here until I get a BFP.

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:woohoo: That's awesome! Best of luck TTC!

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Great news about being able to TTC! I hope you get your BFP really fast! Smile

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Yahoo Sounds like everything worked out perfectly! Congrats!