Planning to come off of the pill - advice needed x2

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Planning to come off of the pill - advice needed x2

Hi everyone.

We have been talking for a long time, been together for 7 years and both agreed that now is the right time to TTC.

I am on Microgynon 30 and have been for 16 years without a break.
The original plan was to to go our friends wedding in Dominican Republic and come off of the pill when we return.

Issue 1 - this pill packet is supposed to be my last. On working out dates, if I come off at the end of this pack I will have my period on my holiday - not ideal. If I add an extra week would this make much difference? I imaging my cycle will be all over the place anyway once stopping.

Issue 2 - I am now taking Malaria tablets. I have spoken to my pharmacist about this and they said the dose would only affect a baby if taking high doses long term, which this isn't. So they said it should be fine.

I started taking folic acid a week ago, 400mg daily and Vit D and calcium.

I know this may take a long time but any advice would be greatly received

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Hi there!

I don't think taking an extra week of BCPs will have a negative impact. I expect that your cycles will be a bit wonky for a while after you stop taking the BCPs. Good luck!

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Malaria pills have changed then, when I traveled to Thailand for my honeymoon they told me I had to avoid becoming pregnant for 3 months after taking them. Obviously it was my honeymoon and didn't want to we didn't do malaria pills. I took garlic pills religiously everyday and brought bug spray. Mosquitoes didn't even land on me...the garlic is no joke. But its great they have changed and the risk is not as great.

No advice on the BC, I never took it. But good luck and have fun TTC.