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QOTD Monday

Driving music- What do you turn up loud when you're driving?

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Country! I love Country music!!

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For me it's Tom Petty... just good driving music.

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I love almost everything from Bon Jovi, to Lady Gaga, The Doors, Metallica, GnR, to Black Eyed Peas....

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Whatever is on the radio. I do a fair bit of driving for work so always have to remember to turn the radio down from super loud in the work cars after I have been out and about.

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Tom Petty IS good driving music. We must have a lot of Tom Petty on our ipod, bc it always defaults to him. The Beatles are good too, because I know all the lyrics.

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I love 90's alternative rock. I also love the early 2000's rock.

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Depends on my mood. Lately, it's been a lot of reggae or listening to a book.

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I listen to everything. I switch between country, top 40, and a variety station while I'm in the car. Whichever has music on is the one I'll listen to.

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I love all kinds of music but right now my faves are: Hedley, Nickelback and the plain whilte T's.

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Country music, 80s and 90s pop/rock, and my Glee CDs.

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