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QOTD Monday

Did you enjoy school as a kid? Were you part of a particular "group"?

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I enjoyed school growing up. Went through a phase in high school where I didn't enjoy it but got over that when I went to university. Never really was part of a group as I had a few groups that I floated between.

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I loved school! I was such a geek. Well I actually wasnt really a geek, but I was one of the smart ones. I just sort of naturally remember stuff so I never had to study or anything which is nice. I really enjoyed math too! I sort of miss it sometimes. I'm looking forward to the day when Simon brings math homework home! Smile

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I liked school. A lot. Did good, got good grades. Had our close group of friends but wasnt part of a label group. Got along with most people. Never had any conflicts thankfully.

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I was home schooled until grade 11. I loved being home schooled. We always had stuff to do and I kept very busy with extra curricular activities. I took piano lessons, swim lessons, martial arts, dance and I took an excelled math course through the Kumon program.

I enjoyed high school for the 2 years I attended public school. I joined all sorts of stuff and made use of my time there. I played on the Rugby Team, joined the Musical Theater group, was on the yearbook committee and volunteered wherever I could.

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I liked school, didn't like the severe bullying in later primary school though. In highschool I was in a pretty low ranking group to start with, but started to flit between that group and another in later high school because my subject choices led me to more classes with the second group and they were also higher up on the social totem pole.

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I liked school, was very smart (still am, lol).... good grade but not a geek. Was first of my class often.
in high school I rebelled a little but went on the right path and continued to university. Still love learning and school today (i'm a teacher)>

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I LOVED school! I finally got over my shyness in high school, was on the basketball team, performing arts dance troupe, and was a class officer for 2 out of the 4 years! I really do miss it!

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I liked school. Middle school was hard for me because I transferred and didn't know anyone. But then I met some good friends that I still have today!!! I didn't have a group either, but I did participate in lots of different activities in high school like Theatre and cross country and track (even though I was pretty horrible at both).

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I LOVED elementary school even though I got teased a little for being heavy. I made friends easily. HATED junior high!! Went through a TERRIBLE phase of rebellion and refused to do homework. LOVED high school came out of my funk and got straight A's. DH says my friends and I were part of the "english geeks". You know the kids who think it's cool to be able to recite poetry and read Chaucer and Dickens, go to the renaissance fair, watch B movies and wear clothes from the thrift store, and we pretty much all worked at the same old movie theatre. Lol