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QOTD Monday

How often do you eat out (breakfast, lunch, or dinner)?

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I would say probably once a week and it's mostly breakfast. We rarely eat out other than that as there's not much in the small town I live in.

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Actually eat out or does take out count? We prob eat out twice a month for lunch or dinner. Take out is also twice a month or so.

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We usually only do take-out because the boys are insane whenever we try to eat anywhere Biggrin Maybe once a week. Although, it's probably been 2-3 weeks since we have.

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I guess I was thinking any meal that you pay for. We eat out at least once per week. Friday is "out to dinner" night. I don't cook on Fridays, and apparently, neither does DH Wink . It's not uncommon for us to grab something when we're out and about running errands on Saturday or Sunday, so I'd probably say that we eat out twice per week.

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We only eat out dinner on Friday and/or Saturday nights. We cook during the week. And I bring my lunch to work 3 days of the week and eat out the other 2 days. I rarely eat breakfast and when I do its only yogurt or a piece of fruit. I for some reason feel sick if I eat before 10 am.

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I eat at my house more often than not, every once in a while I will go to Subway for lunch....when I am traveling obviously I always eat out, mostly because I feel deprived of all the yummy places up in the city (we have NOTHING here in this small town) I am going out of town this weekend and looking forward to some yumminess Smile Very rarely do we order out for dinner, if we do it's usually pizza....maybe twice a month

my dh on the other hand, eats out for lunch just about every day, sometimes he does for breakfast too :rolleyes: and he gets mad at ME for spending money, when he spends WAY more than I do. Last night he didn't want what I made for dinner (ok I didn't make anything but we have PLENTY of leftovers in the fridge) so he had me order some chicken wings from the pizza place :rolleyes: