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QOTD Monday

As we head into fall, (I know there is still some summer left, but I'm shifting gears since I go back to work this week) I want to know what you are looking forward to this fall?

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just looking forward to some cooler temperatures....although here in Utah we get MAYBE 2 weeks of great weather, then it goes right into a nasty winter....which I hate. We never get a good spring or a good fall, its literally 2 weeks of great weather then BAM it's either too hot or too cold :confused:

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The better question would be what am I NOT looking forward to. I love everything about fall!! The clothes, the cool windy weather, apple picking, pumpkin picking, decorating, Halloween, scary movies, baking, everything!!

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Definitely the cooler weather. It rained this morning and still managed to climb up to 105. Maybe also some indoor crafting...I miss crocheting, but its been too hot to think of even touch yarn. I love Halloween, but my wedding is on Halloween weekend, so I guess I will be a bride this year Wink

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I am looking forward to going back to work. I am not looking forward to leaving Will. It's been a wonderful year long mat leave, and I'm sad to leave my little guy. But I am looking forward to getting back to the office. I love my job and am eager to get back!

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I agree wIth Ash! I love everything about fall! I am most looking forward to taking The kids apple picking as I really love it!

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I think I'm mostly looking forward to the holidays, especially Thanksgiving. I love the cozy feeling of gathering with friends and family to share a big meal.

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Definitely baking (already thinking about Christmas) and the holidays. I'm going to attempt a rotisserie turkey for Thanksgiving. Also, fall is one step closer to winter. We love our winters and I'm hoping we get lots of snow this year...maybe not as much as last year though. Smile

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We are headed to summer and I guess I am looking forward to getting out in the yard with an active toddler. Only problem is it's rains a lot here so I need to get under my house cleaned up and sorted so we can play down there.