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QOTD Monday

Do you get motion sick?

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I do in certain situations. Every time I drive through mountains I get car sick. I grew up fishing in lakes and oceans and being on small boats, so I never thought I would get sea sick...but then I went to Spain and the mediterranean sea and went on a sailboat as well as a 100 person charter boat and I got sea sick both times. Someone there explained to me that it is the actual "sea" that makes you sick and not just being in a boat in any kind of water. Apparently the sea has different wave patterns than oceans. :puke2: most awful feeling in the world. I swear every single person on that charter boat was puking.

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When I'm pregnant! LOL! Also if I try to read in the vechicle. Otherwise I'm fine.

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oh yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sad

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Only if I'm reading in a moving vehicle.

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Yup and it seems to get worse each year and when I am pregnant. I never used to have a problem when I was young and was able to read in the car and everything. I used to have to fly on smallish planes a lot for work and that was getting to the point where I couldn't even read on those flights

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"ange84" wrote:

Yup and it seems to get worse each year and when I am pregnant.


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I actually am the opposite, I used to get really sick when I was a child but now that I'm older I don't....I can read in a moving car, etc.....

I still do here and there, about a year ago I had a really bad ear infection and we were travelling up for my dh's drill and I couldn't even look out the windows I was so motion sick....it was awful.

never been sick on a boat, but I've only ever been on a boat on a lake, never on the ocean, so I don't know how I would do on a cruise, etc