QOTD Monday

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QOTD Monday

Where is your favorite place to shop?

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Zellers or Sears

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Probably Target, because I can get clothes, home stuff and groceries/toiletries. I try to limit myself to one monthly visit, because I spend WAY too much money there.

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I love Target. I can always find some cute little thing that I don't really need. For clothing I love to go resale shopping. It's like a treasure hunt. I find lots of name brand stuff for really cheap.

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Depends on what I'm looking for Smile I will only buy my jeans from American Eagle Outfitters (they totally GET my body lol) and I love Old Navy, Ross, TJ Maxx, Target, JC Penney, Sears, Dillards for other clothes. For DD The Children's Place is my favorite store in the world!

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Love Target and Children's Place (if they are having sales!).

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I guess Kmart because I can get cheap clothes, like the dress and blouse I got for $6 today.