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QOTD Monday

Did you have a special lovie as a child?

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I had a doll I stole from my sister. My doll's name was Albert, she was my favourite ever! I still have her. (yes, my female doll was named Albert)

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I had a lamb that my Grandmother gave to me in the hospital. I called it "lamby".

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I had an old teddy bear bought at a garage sale. Called him Nounour. Still have it.

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I had a stuffed "Scrunchie" bear from ShopRite.

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Yes, this little kitty stuffie that was named "Teisha".

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Mine was a teddy bear that had christmas mittens and a scarf. I called him Chris Bear. I still have him, he still makes me feel better when I'm feeling really ill.

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I had a teddy bear that my great grandparents in England sent money over for. I still have it.

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I didn't really have one that I needed to go to sleep or that I carried everywhere with me. I did (and still do) have a stuffed Pooh Bear that was special to me.

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I don't remember having anything specific, I always had a TON of stuffed animals growing up and I still have quite a few that I couldn't get rid of that I passed on to Savanna, my favorite is one of those Wrinkles puppies that is like a puppet, I also have a Tigger and a Pooh bear and a small Minnie Mouse.