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QOTD Monday

When was the last time you stayed up all night?

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You mean besides with a sick baby?? :O)

I really have no idea.

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"nero1281" wrote:

You mean besides with a sick baby?? :O)

I really have no idea.


My son just got over a double ear infection. I had loads of all-nighters this past week! Blum 3

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I have no idea, probably not since I was 18 and even then I had a couple of hours sleep.I have done some close to all nighters with a sick bub but he has always let me get maybe an hours sleep.

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other than with a sick baby, probably when I was a junior in college - so 2000 maybe?

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It's been a while. I sometimes will stay up and play videogames after SO goes to bed but it's very rare.

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I do this at least once a month. Architecture is silly and requires many all nighters. Sometimes they are legitimate, but as I get older, I feel like they are just for the sake of pulling an all nighter. Hard to explain. Architecture is like a good ol boy club. I pulled an all nighter last week and feel like the stuff I was doing wasn't really going to make a difference anyway.