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QOTD Thursday

What are you afraid of?

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I have a stupid fear of fish. I feel ridiculous because of it. I don't swim in open water anymore because of it. I only swim in pools. I'm okay with 1 or 2 goldfish, but large tanks of water with multiple fish freak me right out! I get nauseated, anxious and lightheaded when I'm around, or know I'm around multiple fish or large fish.

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Loving someone and not being loved in return.

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Falling. I'm not necessarily afraid of heights, because if I'm strapped into to something like a roller coaster or at the top of the empire state building I'm ok. But walking next to something that doesn't have a significant guardrail, I start to panic. We went to the Sequoia Nat'l forest a couple years ago and I nearly had a heart attack on the trail up to the top of the mountain. Oh and I hate ski lifts and skiing, because you are pretty much falling the whole time. Bunny slopes are ok though Wink

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Birds!!!!!!!!! Especially big black crows.

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Snakes, and Spiders. I have vivid dreams, and I would sometimes have nightmares about snakes or spiders in our room and wake up screaming and swinging. My poor DH gets beaten up occasionally Beee

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Spiders/centipedes/millipedes!! Too many legs. Too fast. Just too creepy!

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waves... ever since a badly timed trip to Thailand for Christmas a few years ago... Sad

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Mice and heights

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Lightning - no real reason but I hide inside as much as I can during thunderstorms.

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I'm afraid of natural disasters in general, but tornadoes in particular. I'm probably the most scared of these because of the absolute lack of control over the situation.

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