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QOTD Thursday

What is your favorite time of day? Why?

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definitely night....I am NOT a morning person, and night I get to relax with my daughter and husband....well at least I get to relax SOME nights

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the middle of the night when Will wakes up to nurse. It's quiet, peaceful and just him and I having a mommy/son moment. I love it!

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After work when I go pick up my son from the babysitter hoping he is in a good mood!!;)

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I'm not really a morning person, but I love getting up before everyone else and having a quiet moment to drink coffee (and usually spend a little time on p.org!). That's tied with putting my girls to bed. We usually take turns putting them to bed, but since I'm not allowed to pick up Nora for another three weeks, I'm in charge of Cecelia. I love the sweet snuggles with Nora and the conversations with Cecelia. It is a special time and I really try to cherish it.

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probably bedtime for the kids. Love the hugs and kisses from DS and the sweet smiles from DD.

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Morning for sure. We love to take walks to the park early in the morning.

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