QOTD Thursday

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QOTD Thursday

What are you reading? (I'm getting close to the end of my book and need some suggestions Smile )

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I'm currently reading The Help. I read Heaven Is For Real before that. Not sure what I'm going to read after The Help, maybe The Sparrow and it's sequel. I download the books my mom has on her kindle to mine and I have no idea what's all on there Biggrin

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I just got done with The Help (LOVE IT!!) and am new re-reading Jane Eyre, it's one of the free downloads for my Kindle, and I really really liked it when I read it in high school (that's the last time I read it, so over 12 years ago!)

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I'm reading the trilogy by Steig Larson (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, etc.) and just waiting for the final book of the Inheritance series (Eragon is the first book) to be released next month to get it.

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Recently I read the Midwife's Confession which was good, as was the other book I have read by the same author. Right now I am reading Goddess of Spring which is part of the Goddess summoning series and so far it seems pretty good.

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I'm not reading anything right now. But I'm thinking of buying "The Beauty of Humanity Movement." I was at B&N the other day and it just called my name and I read the cover and it seems like it might be interesting.