QOTD Thursday

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QOTD Thursday

Do you watch football? What team?

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Yes!!! We LOOOVE football at our house! Smile We live in NW Arkansas so we are huge Razorback fans! GO HOGS!! Smile DH's Fam is from wisconsin so we are big packers fans also. DS is wearing his cuddly packers jammies right now actually Smile After that we usually like watching teams that have previous razorback players. Like the cowboys have Felix Jones, etc. Smile Love me some football talk!!

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We watch big games but that's about it. I dated a guy in high school that was a huge Packers fan (family was from Wisconsin) so I did learn the rules and such but never really cared enough to follow a team.

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NO thank you! i love hockey, real canadian here!!

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nope....we pretty much only watch the Super Bowl Wink

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Yes, we like Football. we live in the Northeast US, so Patriot fans here, though DH is weird and is also a MN Vikings fan.