QOTD Thursday

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QOTD Thursday

What are you thankful for today?

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I'm thankful for that my mom is coming to visit over the Veteren's Day weekend.

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That I have a steady job to go to. It makes going to work easier when I have to be there.

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I am also thankful for my job....my mom got laid off yesterday....just before the holidays Sad it should be illegal for companies to do layoff's this time of year! I've been laid off twice right before the holidays, and this is my mom's 2nd time also. She was pretty upset yesterday and made me cry (because she was crying) she didn't like her job and was actually looking for another one, but they need the money Sad

I sent her and my dad a pizza for dinner, and it's a small thing, but I really think it made my mom feel a little better. I live 2.5-3 hours away, wish I could be closer to give her more support

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I am thankful today is Friday. It's been a rough week at work and now I get 2 days home with my little monster.

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I'm thankful my son is recovering from his injuries. (he fell off bed last Sat, needed stitches, was sedated etc., then pulled the bureau almost on top of himself on Tuesday). Needless to say it's been a rough week!!!!