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QOTD Thursday

What's the last thing that broke at your house?

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hmmmmm probably our furnace last year. My dh kept saying I'll fix it I'll fix it, a month later I finally called someone to come fix it for $75, he was done in about 1/2 hour. I'm hoping our furnace makes it through another winter we REALLY can't afford a new one right now Sad

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I think some glasses that weren't stacked properly in the dishwasher.

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Our washing machine, kind of. It decided to go for a walk in the rinse cycle and fell off the bricks it's on (we sometimes get water under our house with reqall heavy rain.) Now it leaks from the hoses. I keep asking hubby to fix because he says it's an easy fix but it will never get done and if I hire someone to do it he will get cranky so in the meantime it still leaks.

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My son? ha ha, just kidding!

the pipes where the washing machine drains. DH tried to fix it, then called in the plumber.

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The handle to my crock pot :o(

it popped off last week. I just bought some krazy glue and i intend on performing minor reconstruction surgery this weekend.

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Great question...it was a present off my wedding registry. A serving dish. I felt awful because I never even got to use it.