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QOTD Thursday

Favorite holiday movies?

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My 2 favourites are Elf and Love Actually!

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"azin_may" wrote:

My 2 favourites are Elf and Love Actually!

I love Elf too!

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A Christmas Story
LOVE IT!!!!!

Elf is good too.

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Elf is Awesome! Love actually is good too, even though that cheating husband part really bothers me.

We recorded a made for TV Muppet Christmas movie on VHS when I was a kiddo. It's not "A Very Muppet Christmas." It's a different one. It's Muppets meet Sesame street meets Fragle Rock. I have to say its pretty awesome! My family also always watches "It's a wonderful life" after Christmas eve dinner. I love "All I want for Christmas" its cheesy, but I love it. Charlie brown Christmas is good too!

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