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QOTD Tuesday

How do you plan going about TTC (aside from the obvious)? Will you chart, use OPKs, JLIH?

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I don't think I will chart per say, but I will definitely note when I *should* be O-ing and make sure we get it in ROFL we dtd pretty much every day anyway.....

If it takes a few months (my first pg, we got pg the first WEEK of trying) instead of right away, I may change my mind and chart. I want to at least get pg somewhere between Jan & July so I have a fall/winter/early spring baby Smile so as long as I get pg somewhere in there I will be happy Smile

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I will do it every 2 days all month long. Should catch a egg if one is there!!

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We will JLIH starting in the Spring, and if nothing has happened by the Fall then I will start using OPK's.

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I always keep track of my CM and I get really bad O pains but really we will probably just BD like crazy! I might elevate my hips afterward but I don't think we will be doing too much more than that.

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I don't see myself going crazy unless it doesn't happen within the first 6 months. After 6 months, I will probably chart/use opks.

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JLIH for at least one year and then maybe I will chart.

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Well, I say now that we will JLIH but I know if I get DH totally onboard with TTC, I will probably use OPKs and charting. When I want something, I want it right away!!!

It only took a few months the first time (ended in ectopic) and then caught the egg the first time after the ectopic, and I was STILL impatient! LOL!