QOTD Tuesday

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QOTD Tuesday

Is there a chore you don't mind doing? What is it?

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laundry....for some reason laundry is the easiest chore for me, I fold and put them away one load at a time, I don't let it pile up. I also don't mind vaccuuming. I absolutely HATE cleaning the kitchen and of course the bathroom BLEH

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Vacuuming!! I actually LOVE to vacuum! It's satisfying. Same with mowing the lawn, but living in a condo I don't have a lawn to mow Sad

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I really can't think if anything. I do enjoy cooking if that's considered a chore, but my kitchen is way too small and not functional so I don't enjoy it in my house....

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I enjoy pulling weeds. It's almost like meditating for me. It's so quiet and peaceful. Plus, I love how it looks when it's finished.

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You are all going to think I'm crazy...but the bathroom. I don't mind cleaning it, because we only have one and its the smallest room in the house. Its rewarding too, because it can go from being very dirty to being sparkly clean. Plus its not a chore that needs to be done daily like dishes and laundry. I hate both of those.

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I don't mind cleaning the toilet, it's a strange one, but it's such a quick chore and has instant results.

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I might have to agree with Elizabeth on the bathroom - like she said, it's rewarding because it's gross to sparkling clean very quickly and it's such a small room that it doesn't take much time.

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Dishes. I read while I do dishes and I have to do dishes like a million times a day so I get a lot of reading done. Smile