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QOTD Tuesday

Do you consider yourself an organized person?

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I can be when I want to be. SO makes it really hard at home as he is a very messy individual and can be a walking tornado at times. At work I need to be otherwise my day turns chaotic. It helps that I stock the inventory closest so I do know where most things are in a pinch but I'd rather not have to panic.

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I used to be! I want to be but I have the same prob as the PP, my dh is a walking disaster. I spent ALL weekend organizing closets, rooms, etc that have needed work for a LONG TIME, and I was only able to do it because he was out of town!

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Yes, very organized. Both DH and I are so it works out. I already see us in DS too.

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Most of the time, I like to think I am....in reality, not so much. I'm a messy kind of organized. If I have a little clutter I know where stuff is, but if I clean really well I can never find anything Biggrin

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I'm not organized by nature. If I have a good system, I can stick with it or awhile, but so far it's always kind of fallen apart. I'm doing a pretty good job of keeping the house neat. I think it's because we packed up so many of the cluttery things.

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I am super clean, but I'm not organized. As long as its clean (dirt free and dog hair free) I don't care if its cluttery. DF is an organizer though and not a clean person. So it works out for us.

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I'd like to think that I'm organized. Not obsessive about it or anything but I like to know where things are.