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QOTD Tuesday

What's your plan for poas? Early and often? Wait until you're late? Cheapies? Digitals?

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I'm a POAS junkie! I love staring at the stick making believing lines! LOL! Pretty much I'll pee on anything with ink.

Definitely cheapies are the way to go! If I bought digital every time, I'd be broke. I think with baby #2, I'll use cheapies then once I get a line I'll confirm with a digital.

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"azin_may" wrote:

I'll use cheapies then once I get a line I'll confirm with a digital.

this Smile I just bought some cheapies off Amazon Smile

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I waited until AF was due when we were TTC DS. I POAS when AF didn't arrive and plan to do the same next time. I used cheapies but didn't believe them even though it was a clear line so then got a FRER and digi but it wasn't until the digi I actually believed it. I have been looking around for a good deal on cheapies for OPKs as AF just returned and it would be nice to get warning for the next one as I get no signs of AF arriving and I know I may not be regular yet.

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I wait until the morning after AF is due. I hate seeing a BFN so there is a much greater chance it will be a BFP if I wait. I've only POAS three times and two of the three were DS and DD, so I have a pretty good chance of a positive that way! Wink

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I say that I'm going to wait until AF is due but I do stalk the DYSAL board and can definitely see myself wanting to see a progression.

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The only time I've ever taken one is when AF is late. But I'm not trying either. I think when I start trying, I could get crazy about it.

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I'd like to say I'll wait until I'm late, but it would be a lie. Both times I've tested early. With Nora, I used Internet cheapies then a more expensive test. I'll probably do the same this time.

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