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QOTD Tuesday

In an emergency: calm and collected or complete freak out?

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Calm and collect Smile

Funny story: When I was in high school our house got hit by lightening. My mom and I were home (it was mid morning). It was a huge lightning strike and shattered all our lightbulbs, we could hear things leaking in the walls from broken pipes and we could smell smoke. So my mom is freaking out "what do we do?!?". So I tell her to call the fire department. "what's the number??" she asks. "911" I tell her!! I told her to call on her cell bc the cordless phones wouldn't be working. So she pauses, looks at me and says, "do we really *have* to call 911??" haha! We are so programmed to only call in an emergency. I told her "yes!! The house is on fire and the gas line might explode". So while she called 911 I went and got a fire extinguisher, flashlights and put the animals in the car and pulled it out of the garage, just to be safe.

So, yeah, calm and collected for me. Not so much for my mom Smile

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I completely freak out. At a customer service job I had in college, a customer I was helping fainted right in front of me and I went into shock. I didn't do anything, I was a like a statue and I forgot to call 911. My co-worker from across the room called, thank goodness. I just go into complete shock. Can't help it. I hate hospitals too. My dad had a heart attack last year and when I arrived at the hospital and saw him hooked up to all those wires, I nearly fainted and became short of breath. Medical emergencies I'm bad with, but other emergencies I might be more calm about.

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A bit of both, I was freaking out earlier this year when a major cyclone was coming straight towards us but for some things was staying calm. My favourite comment I made was "I don't want to be a Mummy right now, I want my Mummy"

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I've had both reactions! For some reason if it involves kids in trouble, my own or others, I'm calm & collected and do the right thing. If it's adults I freak out! weird I know!